If you know me then you’ll know I have a thing for print. My #printtastic obsession started young and then came into full swing when I managed a Print and Textile Archive for some years in London. Lucky then that my Nest Creative Space neighbour, Lucy Hinde, is a print designer. The stars most certainly aligned when studio spaces came up for grabs that day… From my desk perspective I often see Lucy with paintbrush in hand, creating beauty for her clients across fashion, interiors and lifestyle. I love her mix of delicate painterly gestures and graphic stimulation, a perfect example is her Woodblock Ikat for Artisans of Fashion as above. My personal favourite though, is her work for Designer Rugs. Rugs to roll about on, to be sure. I peek the plethora of prints on her rails and then recognise them in magazines and on the bodies of gorgeous types on the streets of Sydney. It was time to know more, to ask Lucy a few questions about her practise for the blog.. Enjoy. X

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a pattern obsessed textile designer working with a range of fashion, interior and homewares clients. I develop patterns intended for print, embroidery, lace, & jacquard.

How did you come to work in Print Design?

I studied Design at COFA and then majored in textiles, taking up an internship with the textile studio, Karolina York. I worked for Karolina full-time and then moved to the UK to work for Westcott a London-based textile studio. I am now running my own textile design business working with a group of my own clients.

How would you describe your style?

A mix of colour pop shapes and delicate hand drawn detail.



Favourite project to date?

Designing a collection of modern geometric rug designs for Designer Rugs.

What drives you every day?

The excitement that every job is different and that I can experiment with new techniques and learn something different every day.

What drives you on a bad day?

Remembering that I am in control of what I do and that I am fortunate to be my own boss.


What colours // combinations resonate with you currently? Is a sense of colour an important aspect of your job?

Colour is so important, I like to challenge my clients with interesting colour combinations, playing with a mix of trend-based colours and then marrying them with unusual combinations. I love burnt orange with a powder blue, dusky pink with a tangerine.

If you were to set a table with your best wares, who’s coming to dinner?

Would this be dead or alive? Haha! Dries Van Noten, Milan Kundera and Noel Fielding.
Who is your print // textile guru?

I love Zandra Rhodes for her quirky style and I am obsessed with vintage Pucci, I also love the simplicity of Marimekko, their shapes and colours!


Looking back, what is your favorite era for textile design?

I can’t help but gravitate towards 60’s style, I love the quirkiness of the furniture, the psychedelic nature of the prints and the optical colour palettes!

It’s your Sliding Doors moment…What would you be doing if it wasn’t Textile Design?

I secretly would love to be a professional football (soccer) player! Ha! or maybe a Landscape Gardener.

What makes you happy?

Drawing, being outside, cooking, going on adventures with the people I love.

To arrange a design development or if you’re interested in a collaboration, or simply to view Lucy’s latest work. Contact Lucy directly at


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