I was super keen to include an intimate series of workshops and talks as part of my 3 month residency for TOTEM ROAD Curated X Bettina McILwraith. The 5 ticketed events across the next two months give insight into my LOCAL GLOBAL network at large and encourage play and creativity while deepening the idea of community. See below for the lineup of workshops and click the links to buy tickets.

It can get no better that the first workshop, BOLGA BASKET MAKING with Master Weaver Godwin and Gayle of the G Lish Foundation happens amongst MAKE SMTHNG week. A great Greenpeace idea, “.. an international festival of making, challenging our consumerist culture that has cut quality time spent with family and friends and replaced skills and resourcefulness with shopping.”

The exciting December program includes: 1. WEAVE YOUR OWN BOLGA BASKET  on Sunday 10th December with Gayle & Godwin from the G-Lish Foundation; 2. MAKE YOUR OWN SOFT SCULPTURE on Saturday 16th December with artist Paula do Prado and 3. IN DISCUSSION with LEPAAR, get to know the creators  – Johanna and Christo Everingham and be led in an introduction to their beautiful, biodynamic skincare range.. we are still working on a date for this last one. TBC

Further workshops with UPcycler extraordinaire, Jeff McCann and Crystal Wizard Kassandra Scortino will be introduced at a later date and on another blog post. Keep up to date by following me on Instagram. Hope to see / meet you soon. Xx

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