HELLO, this is a blog about my APPETITE FOR DECORATION. I started it in 2011 because I couldn’t find a magazine that CELEBRATED RITUAL, MAXIMALISM + MULTICULTURE the way I did. Positive + EMPOWERING is the message always. #vibranthumanhabitation

BETTINA MCILWRAITH is Appetite for Decoration. A Sydney based multi-faceted PLATForm for CONSCIOUS BRANDS + ARTISANS. Think, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, STYLE ACTIVIST + AGENT FOR CHANGE. 2 decades working with ARCHIVES + ARTISANS alongside some of the most influential RETAILERS and STYLE_LEADERS world-wide, this explains her ORIGINAL VISION. Collaborative partnerships +  FRESH PERSPECTIVE encourage the INSIGHTFUL identification and curation of GLOBAL trends and IDEAS FOR LIVING. This year sees the launch of her ONLINE RETAIL SALON, appetitefordecoration.shop

Bettina COLLABORATES with CLIENTS who seek alternative + INTUITIVE ways of developing their BRAND // of AESTHETIC. Made to measure SERVICES include Brand Consultancy, Product Development, Creative Direction and Styling, Communication + Sales, Creative content and PopUP events.

Get in touch. Email me at appetitefordecoration@gmail.com