The A4D Mothership has landed (after 4 years living and working with artisanal communities and makers in Ghana and Kenya) and now has a high vibrational home in tropical Noosa, Queensland. Come and immerse yourself and your senses in our showroom - more like a really good market and the in-house studio and discover our meaningful and colourful language of living that’s both innovative and respectful of tradition. Founder & Style Activist Bettina McILwraith is Appetite for Decoration.


Discover the incredible Baba Tree culture of baskets. The A4DMothership is Australia’s largest showcase of these extraordinary artisan baskets - direct from Bolgatanga, Ghana. I have an intimate knowledge of the weavers and their basketry from my 2 years living and working on the ground with this incredible community of artisan weavers from 2018 - 2020. I’m feel very fortunate to continue to work in a multitude of roles remotely for The Baba Tree.. including design, product development, content creation and communications.
Blessed my basket life!


All our artisan made works of art boldly express the artists creativity and vision and the empowered process of made by hands. Hand loomed, hand woven, hand made, hand painted, hand built, hand printed, hand pressed, hand carved and hand sewn. 


Background: I founded Appetite for Decoration in 2008 in London, traversing across the worlds of creative direction and styling, artisan product development and brand consultancy while managing a burgeoning print and textile archive and a textile addiction. An old school champion for transparent and sustainable design since 2000 and my introduction into the world of it as a Fashion Buyer for the iconic Husk stores. Known for their visionary retail concept (way ahead of it’s time!) and the impeccable curation of ethical designers at the forefront of the slow fashion movement. I’m incredibly proud of my 20 year career working only with ethical brands and slow design start ups.

An insightful ability to identify, curate and develop beautiful, useful and sustainable ideas for living has gained the trust of some of the most influential designers and ethical style leaders worldwide.. PETlamp, Camille Walala, Marni, Duro Olowu, Easton Pearson, Beyond Retro Textile Archive and The Baba Tree to name a fabulous few.

It is an absolute privilege to interweave my skills with the immense creativity and wisdom of the artisans I collaborate with. To preserve culture, honour sacred materials and create new pathways and career opportunities for the artisans I work with is central to the work I do. Partnerships that uplift and with a focus on sustainability, wellbeing and who view design as a tool to enhance humanity is where it’s at for me. Led by an intuitive approach to living and working creatively and by colour of course.. I have travelled extensively throughout my career, creating strong relationships and connections in global organisations and on the ground, in the dirt.


The A4D Mothership is way more than a store.. its an experimental and intimate setting dedicated to living with intention, creating change and sparking joy. Responsive to the needs of our community and always in flow with the seasons. From slow design through a damn fine vintage archive to masterful art baskets through to b-corporation certified garden tools and new luxury created from waste. Come take tea with us and colour your world!


Email appetitefordecoration@gmail.com or send Bettina a DM on the @appetitefordecoration instagram.